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Add a topper to your mattress for the ultimate comfort

A topper is the ideal bedding item to enhance the comfort of an overly firm mattress. When you add a luxurious pad on your mattress, you’ll feel like you’re on a cloud!

At Au Lit, find a topper that will provide you with a superior level of comfort for many years to come.

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The mattress topper: a little-known product in Quebec

The mattress topper is a sleep product becoming increasingly popular. Relatively new to bed culture in North America, it offers luxurious comfort by perfectly wrapping the body in an ultra soft material.

By relieving pressure points, especially on the shoulders and hips, a topper lets you fall into a deep sleep and enjoy a rejuvenating night.


The different types of topper offered by Au Lit

Although all toppers are designed to provide ultimate physical comfort for sleepers who prefer a soft bed, they aren’t all made from the same materials.


This type of topper is usually filled with down or goose or duck feathers, or a mixture of both.


Microfibers offer an affordable and ethical alternative to down and feathers. This product offers a level of softness comparable to a natural topper. 

Whether you choose a mattress topper made of natural or synthetic materials, all the mattress pads offered at Au Lit are hypoallergenic and designed to maintain their softness for years to come.

Why buy your mattress topper at Au Lit?

Au Lit not only offers a wide variety of natural or microfiber mattress topper models, it also guarantees a pleasant shopping experience.

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