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To sleep soundly, you need the right pillow

Like a mattress, a pillow is a sleep product that plays an essential role. A quality pillow that matches the sleeper’s physiognomy promotes deep and less disruptive sleep.

At auLit, you can find the pillow that meets your needs from a wide selection of models from well-known brands.



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auLit helps you choose the right pillow

Your pillow greatly influences your sleep quality. A comfortable and well-adapted pillow allows you to enjoy a healthy and restful sleep.

Find a pillow that matches your physiognomy

For maximum performance, your pillow must be compatible with your neck length, shoulder width and head weight. In fact, you need to make sure that when you rest your head on it, your neck and head are properly supported and your spine remains in a neutral position. This will prevent neck and shoulder tension. Moreover, head position can influence snoring.

At aulit, we can help you find a pillow that is perfectly suited to your body shape, as well as your mattress, sleeping position and texture preferences.


The different types of pillows offered at auLit

auLit offers a wide range of pillow types, so that you can find the one that suits you best.


This type of pillow includes pillows with down or feathers from ducks or geese. These materials have natural insulating qualities and allow air to circulate freely and wick away moisture at night.

Down pillows

The high fill power and light weight of down make it a sensible choice for those who prefer soft pillows.

Feather pillows

Feather pillows have similar characteristics but are heavier and offer firmer support.



Synthetic materials are much more malleable than down and feathers. They can therefore be used to make ergonomically shaped pillows. In addition, synthetic pillows are generally easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Pillows with synthetic filling

Synthetic fill pillows are filled with artificial fibers. Most of them are machine washable, which makes them much easier to maintain.

Memory foam or visco-elastic foam pillows

These pillows can regain their original shape, regardless of the movements they are subjected to. They therefore adapt perfectly to the sleeper’s morphology and sleeping position. This type of pillow is ideal for people with back or neck pain.

Latex pillows

Offering great flexibility without sacrificing head and neck support, latex pillows are extremely comfortable. Their honeycomb structure also provides excellent air circulation, which limits perspiration.

Why buy your pillow at auLit?

Whether you shop online or directly in-store, auLit guarantees you a pleasant and hassle-free shopping experience.

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