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Did you know that there are about 10 million dust mites in a mattress and that in one night, the human body produces up to 200 millilitres of sweat that will permeate it? The only effective way to protect yourself against sweating, germs and allergic reactions is to wrap your pillows and mattresses in a cover. 

At Au Lit, we offer you several types of mattress covers and pillowcases adapted to the different needs of sleepers.

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Why buy a mattress cover?

Your mattress and pillows are exposed to many external threats on a daily basis. This can be dust, bacteria, sweat or even urine in the case of people who suffer from incontinence. Unfortunately, all these elements damage your mattress.

Since cleaning a mattress is difficult, it is recommended to protect it with a machine washable mattress cover to ensure hygiene and extend its life. This bedding also acts as a protective barrier against allergens in the mattress.

The mattress covers and pillowcases offered at Au Lit help to keep your bed fresh and clean.


The different types of mattress covers

Au Lit offers a wide range of protective covers so that you can find the one that precisely meets your needs.


These highly comfortable mattress covers protect your mattress against dust, dust mites, mold and bacteria. They are made of a single fleece layer that can be made of different materials including cotton, the most popular choice.


To extend the life of a mattress for a person suffering from incontinence or who sweats profusely, a waterproof mattress protector is recommended. These covers have a PVC layer that protects the mattress from all types of liquids.

Why buy your mattress and pillowcases at auLit?

In addition to offering you a wide variety of covers to protect your mattress and pillows, Au Lit offers you a very pleasant shopping experience.

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