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A bed duvet contributes to a healthy sleep by providing you with an enveloping feeling that promotes deep sleep. Hot in winter and cool in summer, a duvet is comfortable no matter what the season.

At auLit, find the ideal duvet from a wide selection of natural and synthetic down duvets.


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Natural or synthetic duvet: which type should you choose?

Whether filled with natural or synthetic down, duvets are convenient and comfortable in all seasons. However, each filling material has unique features that you need to know to make an informed choice.


A natural down duvet is the ultimate in softness. Usually filled with goose or duck down, which have proven insulating properties, it retains heat perfectly while reducing nighttime perspiration.

This type of duvet also has the longest life expectancy.


In addition to being affordable for any budget, synthetic duvets offer many other benefits.

Their growing popularity is largely due to their easy maintenance and their hypoallergenic properties.

In addition, the synthetic fibers they are filled with are increasingly environmentally friendly and high-performance.

Other factors to consider when buying a bed duvet

Fill power

The fill power of a duvet refers to the volume, in inches, filled with an ounce of down. The higher this number is, the more efficient and air-locking the down will be. It is also a good indication of the duvet’s ability to retain heat.

Duvet cover

A duvet cover should be made of a fabric that allows the duvet to breathe, with at least 200 threads per square inch to prevent the down from escaping.

Also, to prevent the down from piling up at the ends of the duvet, some models are equipped with airtight panes.

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