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Sleeping well starts with a good mattress

A comfortable mattress tailored to the sleeper’s specific needs greatly increases the quality of sleep.  

At auLit, find a mattress that will provide you with years of superior comfort and energized mornings.

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auLit has the right type of mattress for you

All mattresses have the same function: to provide lasting comfort that gives you a peaceful uninterrupted night’s sleep. However, a mattress that is properly suited to your needs maximizes deep sleep duration by reducing pressure points.

The technology at the core of the mattress plays an essential role in supporting the body and spine. 

This is why auLit carries a diverse range of mattress types.


• Springs individually wrapped in a fabric pouch
• Perfect body weight distribution
• Imperceptible partner movements during the night
• Maximum ventilation


• Soft material that adapts to your body shape
• Technology that absorbs your partner’s movements
• Promotes blood circulation to the muscles and skin
• Maximum temperature maintenance
autres types de matelas


• Hybrid pocket spring and foam technology: creates support areas that provide the support needed for different parts of the body
• Luxury models made with natural products: designed to provide a perfectly healthy sleep environment with a focus on ergonomics
• Mattresses from university research and development: geared towards comfort performance

The mattress firmness you need

Firmness is a key factor when choosing a mattress. Your mattress must keep the body in a perfectly horizontal position, otherwise your muscles will be active and your sleep won’t be deep and restorative.

For each type of suspension, there are different levels of firmness*:
• flexible
• semi-firm
• firm
*Please note that the levels of firmness and their names may differ from one manufacturer to another.

A mattress’s firmness is chosen according to your height and weight. If you are tall and stocky, the mattress should be firmer. If you are lightweight or buying a mattress for a child, choose a softer mattress.

Why buy your mattress at auLit?

Au Lit not only offers the widest choice of mattress models from leading brands, it also guarantees the best shopping experience.

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