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Everyone dreams of sleeping on a cloud. Impossible, unfortunately, without levitation or without staying all night in his SPA. Driven by technological challenges, a team of researchers in biomechanics at the Université de Sherbrooke has carefully studied this question to create a new sleep surface that will take you to the border of levitation.


“This patented technology, called NUBATM, was originally intended to reduce pressure points among people in need. From prototypes to prototypes, our team discovered that our work would also make levitation accessible. The cubes, placed in rows, compress independently, and are hollowed out according to their position relative to the body. These cubes support each segment of the body individually, eliminating the intervertebral shear forces in the back and neck, responsible in part for back pain and muscle tension. Their design is such that the deformation of the cube automatically adjusts to your weight and your morphology to promote the impression of the body and reduce the efforts on the shoulders when lying on the side. Pregnant women lying on the surface NUBA in their last months, can finally sleep peacefully. The eminences (pitons), made of a hyperelastic silicone, eliminate the hammock effect that could create a significant friction on the skin. They induce a local massage and promote cutaneous vascularization because more than 80% of the body is not in contact with the mattress. Only 20% are missing to reach complete levitation … “